MLB-Slaw Selected Case Summaries

Here you'll find weekly summaries of selected cases provided to Slaw by Maritime Law Book's National Reporter System.

About this Service

These case summaries are published through an arrangement between Slaw and Maritime Law Book. They are published once a week. 

Cases are selected for summarizing on Slaw according the following criteria: 

  • Cases involving modern technology
  • Cases that extend or restrict the common law
  • Cases that interpret new or existing statutes
  • Cases that extend or restrict the existing interpretation of statutes
  • Cases with facts that result from the complexity of modern society
  • Cases with novel facts
  • All Supreme Court of Canada cases.

Because the Maritime Law Book summaries are complex, these posts are themselves excerpts of the MLB summaries. The full summary is available in PDF via the link at the end of the post, as is the full judgment on the MLB site.